Peak Program

Our “Peak” program is an adventure outdoor activity with duration of 3-6 hours per outing. The program will consist of 12 outings over the course of 1 year.  These activities include (but not limited to): hiking, biking, climbing, geo-caching, camping, photography, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding. All these trips will be lead by trained field instructors, and mentee's and mentors will participate together in small groups. Each activity focuses on fostering critical life skills while simultaneously strengthening each mentor relationship.

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Harbor Program

Our “Harbor” program is designed for day trips based on or near the water. We offer several activities in which mentee’s and mentors can enjoy our vast natural resources within an hour of the greater Boston area. These trips include: fishing, sailing, seashore discovery, kayaking/canoeing, boating, as well as environmental education. We intend for these day trips to be an introduction to nature in which confidence, curiosity and wonder are inspired among our youth.  Furthermore, each trip focuses on strengthening the mentor relationship. Each trip will be lead by a volunteer or paid outdoor guide with knowledge of the environment, activity, and equipped with all necessary gear and training. 

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Service Program

We operate several community service projects focused on enhancing the neighborhoods we work in through experiences focused on environmental restoration and strengthening local social bonds. While our “Service” program runs separately from our outdoor activity-based programs, we view our “Peak” and “Harbor” programs as a conduit for enticing youth to participate in these community projects. We organize and facilitate service programs within each community we work with, but it is the student leaders who recruit other youths and ultimately lead these projects. We believe that giving back to the community is integral not only for the success for Elevate Youth but also the success of those we serve.


Leadership Program

We believe Leadership is a skill learned through experience and practice. We believe it is best taught by example with an emphasis on highlighting the unique strengths of each individual youth. Our Leadership program focuses on youth (ages 12-18) who will be matched with mentors in the outdoor industry. Our outdoor leadership curriculum is based on experiential learning conducted with the aim of molding our youth to become leaders in their communities.


Custom Outdoor Programs

We aim to work with existing youth agencies to better fulfill their missions.  We can create an outdoor program that enhances the work being done by your organization.  Please contact to see how Elevate Youth can help your organization.